CVSA Roadcheck Safety Blitz
CVSA Roadcheck Safety Blitz

by Chad Challacombe
March 1, 2022,

Time to get ready for the 2022 great state money grab, May 17th-19th 2022! Sorry, I meant to say it is time for the Roadcheck “Safety Blitz”. This year’s focus will be on wheel ends according to the CVSA website. I will keep my opinions on what I think about the CVSA Roadcheck “Safety Blitz” for another article.

As usual inspectors will be out in full force during the 72-hour Roadcheck “Safety” Blitz period conducting Standard Level 1 Inspections. They will be focusing most of it on steps 15 and 18 on the wheels, rims, hubs, and tires. So, not that you don’t keep an eye on that, since we are all professionals, but take extra care to do good inspections and make those needed repairs.

According to the CVSA about 25% of OOS is due to wheel end and tire issues.  Most of these issues can be caught on pre-trip inspections.  While we all know that the 500 points you must memorize for the test is not realistic.  Fluids, Belts hoses, 5th-Wheel, leaks, and wheels are all important to check at the beginning of everyday.  Yes, I said 5th-wheel you made someone angry, pull into the truck stop and park and they pull your 5th-wheel. Don’t laugh I have seen it happen before.  That is another time and place. 

   On, to the “Safety” Blitz for this year.  When we say wheels ends, we don’t mean the tire or rim alone.  It goes much deeper than that.  So, for the newbs out there and refresher for us old guys on the road here we go. This is from the flyer for the CVSA 2022-International-Roadcheck-Focus-PDF .

  Warning signs to watch for to let you know something may be wrong.  Uneven tire wear or bounce marks, super-hot hub caps that you see or smell smoke coming from or around the hubs.  Maybe you feel a vibration, wobble, or new noise, on a trailer it might start feeling like it is dragging.  Your wheels might be locking-up or skidding.  Has your stopping distance decreased, or the truck or trailer are pulling?  Then, there is the obvious sign of trouble a big ole bunch of oil around your hub.  Also, never forget to make sure you aren’t missing those lugs. Keep in mind that a lot of the new scale houses can read your tire air pressure while pulling in. So, for the Roadcheck “Safety” Blitz make sure to check all this over real good on the 16th.

Keep in mind that a lot of the new scale houses can read your tire air pressure while pulling in. So, take a little time and make sure your pressures are within range. If you get a clean Roadcheck “Safety” Blitz inspection, you get a sticker (CVSA decal) like in grade school. As always stay safe driver and good luck on this one.

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